Process art is a fan favorite here at CMP. In 5B we are learning about outer space and for this activity, we created our own planets. For this process art you will need:

-Paper (multimedia paper is sturdy, but regular paper will work too!)


-Bubble solution (or water and dish soap)

-Bubble want (I did not have enough so I used pipe cleaners that I fashioned into a makeshift bubble wand)

-Liquid watercolor

bubble art supplies

We began by cutting out a circle template that I had drawn on using a paper plate as a template. (To cater this activity to younger age groups, you can cut out the circle for your child.

boy doing bubble art

Then we mixed liquid watercolor to the bubble solution.

bubble art paint at preschool

This school year we focus a lot on breathing techniques. For this project, we focused on slow and soft breaths. We tried to use fast exhales and noticed that bubbles did not come out of our wand that way. We took a deep inhale and used a slow exhale to blow bubbles onto our circle cut outs.

children doing bubble art preschool
young boy doing bubble art
young girl doing bubble art

The results were colorful marbled planets with round craters!