pizza for the queen

Pizza for the Queen is a charming story about Raffaele making a special pizza for the queen, that would later be called the Margherita pizza. The Queen absolutely loved the pizza and shared with everyone. The book includes detailed pictures and a Pizza Margherita recipe at the end for the children to make it at home.

pizza pat

Pizza Pat enjoys cooking his pizza to perfection but then is saddened to find that the mice enjoyed his delicious pizza instead. Pizza Pat uses repetition in the text to improve children’s speed, confidence, and to strengthen the connections in the brain. The little ones love the detailed pictures and pizza themed story.

pizza pie snowman

Pizza-Pie Snowman is a fun story about Pinky turning into a snowman while on a mission to order a pizza. The language and pictures are entertaining and engaging for children to follow along to. It focuses on the importance of memory and includes repetition so the children can remember the ingredients of the pizza with Pinky.

curious george and the pizza

Curious George has fun trying to make a huge pizza but finds out the hard way that it becomes too messy and out of control. He cleans up his mess, with the help of his friends, and they enjoy making smaller pizzas in fun shapes. Your children will learn the important of listening to adults, while still using their creativity and imagination during activities.

little ninos pizzeria

Tony loves to help his dad and make pizza. He is sad that his dad expanded their pizza restaurant and now little Tony cannot make pizzas or help the staff. Luckily, his dad agreed and downsized the restaurant and named it Little Tony’s after his son. Little Nino’s Pizzeria is a simple story that shows the importance of family and doing what you love.

hi pizza man

Vivian has a creative imagination and wanted to guess who was going to drop of the pizza that night. Could it be a duck, a cat or even a snake? Read Hi, Pizza Man! to find out! It is a fun and humorous book that is great for children to read when learning animals and their sounds.

pizza in pienza

Pizza in Pienza is an easy to read story that describes the history of pizza making. It even has the text written in English and Italian so children can follow along to both languages. The end of the book includes pronunciation of Italian words related to pizza, more history, and a recipe for Pizza Margherita.