Simple Process Art on a Baking Sheet


Here is a simple process art project that you can do with materials that you can find around your home! This is a simple and fun activity that can be done inside the house or even outside. The children are exposed to creating art with everyday materials that they see at their home.



-Baking Sheet

-Foam roller or paint brush

-Construction paper



baking sheet supplies

1.  First you’re going to pour paint onto the back of a baking sheet. I did this side because our construction paper fit best on the back. Then have your little on spread the paint all over. If you want to get even messier your little one can use their hand!

child with baking sheet at preschool

2. Give your little one a q-tip for them to start creating their design. This is where their imagination gets creative! My friend here made marvel characters!

getting creative with a baking sheet

3. Next they will lay their paper down on the baking sheet over their design. They will GENTLY rub their hand over the paper to help transfer their design onto the paper.

transferring design to paper

4. Being gentle again, your little one will lift their paper off the baking sheet to see their design!

finished baking sheet art