Artists and the mediums they choose

This week 4B, we talked about Artists and the different mediums they use to create art. Below you can find the book read, examples of student art, and what the art was based on.

Jackson Pollock – We discussed splatter art, and we looked at examples of art created by Jackson Pollock. We cut open trash bags and used masking tape to tape it onto the shed and the floor to make it (a little) less messy.Frida Khalo – We created self portraits using a black crayon, to fill in our unibrows, some of my friends grabbed a red crayon to add red on their lips to recreate the red lipstick used in Frida Kahlo’s self portrait. Then we used cut up tissue paper to create our flower crowns, using our pincher fingers, working out our fine motor skills. Then we used brown and green construction paper to cut out leaves and sticks for the background.Piet Mondrian – We reviewed shapes and what it means to be a square vs a rectangle. We also discussed the primary colors that were used in Mondrian’s art. We used black, red, blue, and yellow construction paper, and glue sticks to create Mondrian inspired art.Andy Warhol – We looked at fun pop art images to inspire our fun Andy Warhol self portraits. We printed out a 2×2 photo grid of pictures of ourselves. Then we used water color to paint the background and the subject of our pictures (which was us!) We painted carefully following multiple step instructions. Some of my students used the color wheel to find complementary colors.Henri Matisse –  We utilized our fine motor skills using the proper grip on scissors as we cut out abstract shapes. Straying away from circles, squares, and other typical shapes that we’ve learned about. Then we used glue sticks to randomly put the shapes together.

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