Spray Bottle Art Header photo

Materials for Spray Bottle Art

  • Books: Art and Paint Me a Picture
  • 3 spray bottles
  • Paint: red, blue and yellow (I added water to make the paint thinner)
  • Thick paper (cardstock)


Materials for spray bottle art

We have been learning about colors and how primary colors mix to make secondary colors. We read Paint Me a Picture and Art and really paid attention to the illustrations and techniques the illustrator may have used. I put blue, red, and yellow in spray bottles and let them observe what happened when the colors mixed on their papers. Some of our friends even picked up their papers to allow the paint to drip down and mix together that way. Spray Bottle Art was messy and fun, and the results are beautiful.

Toddler girls making spray art in our child care center

Toddler making spray art at our child care center

Making spray bottle art in our daycare center

Vincent spray bottle art

Completed Spray Bottle Art

Ryan's completed spray bottle art