Directed Drawing Activity Header

Materials for Directed Drawing:

  • Permanent black markers
  • Paper
  • Watercolor paint
  • White board and dry erase marker (for teacher to demonstrate line drawing)

Material for Directed Drawing

This activity is a simple way to help your kids follow multi-step directions and work on fine motor skills. Give your child a black marker and a sheet of white construction paper to start.

  1. Starting at the top of the paper, have your child draw a horizontal line. I used a white board to demonstrate how to draw the line. After they drew the first line we continued drawing lines one at a time down our paper.
  2. Kid uses marker to draw lines
    Girl uses marker to draw dotted line

  3. Once we filled our paper with different lines we used watercolor and painted our lines.

Young boy draws with paint and marker
Young girl draws with paint and marker
Kids at Carmel Mountain Preschool draw
Finished Product Directed Drawing