Speech-Language Pathologist

Noopur is a Rancho Bernardo native who made her way back to San Diego after college and graduate school. She and her fiancé live in Hillcrest where they love their weekend visits to Balboa Park and the Zoo. She has been a speech-language pathologist for 6 years and has consulted at CMP since 2019. Her focus within the field is to help children become successful communicators through play, conversation, and parent and teacher coaching. She works with children and families to build receptive, expressive, and social language skills to help them feel confident at home, school, and in their community. At CMP, she observes classrooms to provide speech and language development strategies to teachers and she does child-specific observations by teacher and/or parent request. Noopur aims to provide therapeutic strategies to teachers and families to help support skill development and to recommend further evaluation when necessary. Preschool is a critical age for speech and language skill development! Catching delays and providing early intervention and support can be crucial in fostering successful transitions to Kindergarten, building social relationships with peers, and reducing frustration and behaviors at home and at school. She is a special resource on all things speech and language related for CMP teachers and parents!

Speech Language Pathologist