completed mothers day project

By Julie Goldstein

For the past three weeks, the children at CMP have been working very hard on a special project for their Mom’s for Mothers Day. Each child was asked to bring in a photo of Mom. Then Mr. Brian, up in Tinker Hollow was kind enough to help us cut a piece of wood approximately 5” x7”. Then the children covered the wood, using oil pastels. Some drew pictures, others designs and most of them chose Mom’s favorite colors! Finally, we painted Mod Podge over the entire woodblock, added the photo and then another coat of Mod Podge. The wood and photos dry clear and are a timeless piece of art that Mom can display forever!

kids make frames for mothers day!

Oil Pastels
Wood Blocks
Printed Photo
Mod Podge

toddler girls work on mothers day presents


  1. Create a colorful drawing onto all 6 sides of the wood, this could be inspired by patterns, colors, or observation drawing.
  2. Apply a thick coat of Mod Podge to all sides
  3. Add the picture to one of the flat sides and apply another coat of Mod Podge
  4. Let is dry in the sun
  5. Display and Enjoy
completed gift for mothers day
kids work on frames for mothers day
kids class working on mothers day gifts
mother and child mothers day present