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Banana Pancakes

By: Annie Emery Easiest, healthiest, most versatile, kid- loved breakfast yet. Fruit and protein packed, gluten free, this might just be your next go- to breakfast for the whole family using simple kitchen staples. With just two ingredients to start and make delicious, it’s your choice from there what you want to add in! Ingredients: […]

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Rain Fish

By: Julie Goldstein This week up in The Studio we started our art lesson by reading a whimsical book called “Rain Fish”. It is a story about fish that were created with trash and recycled materials. The children loved describing the different materials that they saw within each fish; bottle caps, feathers, newspaper, even old […]

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Interview with Andrea Racca of Bobboi Organic Gelato

Finn’s 1st Gelato My husband, Massimo, is from Florence, Italy, so food plays a big part in our life. Anyone who knows me also knows that I am super anti-sugar but I make exceptions for amazing specimens of sugar, for example real Italian gelato. When my first son, Finn, was born I had a goal […]

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Interview with Enrique “Hank” Feldman

Introduction At Carmel Mountain Preschool one of our core values is that, “We strive for excellence.” We feel that part of striving for excellence includes continuous learning and growing. Whenever we come across an individual that we feel can impart wisdom to our staff and parents we try and make sure we can get them […]

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Nature Findings and Pastel Drawings

By: Julie Goldstein This week up in The Studio our CMP artists had fun collecting small natural found objects in The Glenn. Then they created a design with them by placing onto a small mirror. After observing each object and describing the shapes and textures, they created a drawing. Finally, they used pastels to blend […]

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