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Environmental Education in Early Childhood Education: Why it’s so important

You’ve probably heard us here at CMP talking about the importance of Environmental Education (EE) in early childhood education, and we’ve touched on it a couple times in our blog as well, but we wanted to show you that it’s certainly not just us that feel it is important. In this blog I want to […]

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Mother’s Day Vases

By: Julie Goldstein This week up in The Studio our kids made a very special gift for their Mom’s for Mother’s Day. Each child chose a glass vase. We purchased a variety of sizes. Then they mixed white into purple and blue to create a base color. Afterwards, they chose yellow or aqua to add […]

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Cowboy Bars

When you’re looking for a chewy, salty, chocolatey, gluten free energy boost, these are just the thing! Done in just 20 minutes start to finish, you may want to make a double batch because they while they keep long, they go fast. Ingredients 2/3 c + 1/2 c oat flour (blast oats in a food […]

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Printmaking with Recycled Cardboard

By: Julie Goldstein I am a professional printmaker, so whenever I get a chance to teach the kids how to print and make editions, I get really excited to see what they create and always so inspired by their ability to have fun with such an amazing process. This week up in The Studio, we […]

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The Benefits of doing Family Yoga with your Preschooler

At Carmel Mountain Preschool we are lucky to have our very own expert preschool yoga instructor, Ms. Claire Cafri.  Ms. Claire offers weekly yoga to Carmel Mountain Preschool students – for more information see our Extra Curricular page.  We interviewed Ms. Claire to find out why she encourages families to do yoga together. What are […]

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