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Sweet Saucy Berries

By: Annie Emery The markets are flooded with strawberries and blueberries right now, they are SO good by themselves, but even better with this five -minute recipe. You can use them fresh or even a little overripe, as they get soaked in sauce. This is a great simple something to bring to a barbeque with […]

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Creating Nature Journals

By: Julie Goldstein This week up in The Studio, our Kinder-prep kids learned how to make a journal out of one sheet of paper. The journals are so small they can hold in the palm of their hand while drawing. We really enjoy going on nature hikes and get very inspired by all of the […]

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Cheesecake Dip is a fun snack

Mint “Chocolate Chip Cheesecake” Dip Cheesecake Dip is a fun recipe for parties or just an after school snack.  The kids loved it, saying it looked like ice cream, and ate it all up. As a 90’s kid it reminded me of dunk-a-roos…but not nearly as bad for you.  These actually have a decent amount […]

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The Only Kale Chip Recipe You Should Have

By: Annie Emery Kale chips really can be an easy delicious salty snack that kids love, if you know the tricks. The main trick is to keep it simple, but follow directions correctly. While they won’t stay crisp for much longer than an afternoon, the leftovers make an amazing salad base. Give it a go… […]

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The Art of Observing Chickens

As I’m sure you now know, we have some new feathered friends here at CMP. Our chickens have taken up their permanent residence in their coop on the east side of the “soccer field” above The Glenn. We have a total of 14 chickens and they sure are growing fast! We won’t have 14 for […]

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