Ecofriendly Organic CMP

Organic Food

Children snack on organic fruits and vegetables grown in our outdoor classroom and garden.

Carmel Mountain Preschool prides itself on serving organic food for both the morning and afternoon snack. We serve organic fruits or organic vegetables with every snack so our children are getting the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow. We have an on-site cook that strives to create healthy and nutritious snacks that appeal to our young customers and encourage them to try new things. We post a weekly snack schedule and are very vigilant about children’s allergies and respecting parents’ choices as to what is served to their children. Please check out our organic snack menu.  We also have the ability to provide our students with fresh organic eggs from our very own Chicken Coop and we utilize the fruits, vegetables and herbs grown organically on our grounds whenever we can.

We provide organic ingredients for the classroom cooking projects throughout the year and all food served at our Family events is organic. Preschoolers do better with organic whole foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables.


At Carmel Mountain Preschool your child comes first. Because of this we installed a Zono. Carmel Mountain Preschool is one of the only preschool and day cares in San Diego that has a Zono. A Zono is a large machine that looks similar to a subzero refrigerator. You open up the doors and put anything inside “that doesn’t have eyes”. The Zono sucks the oxygen out of the chamber essentially killing all germs including common viruses and even lice. We use the Zono to sterilize our nap mats, pillows, toys, electronics and anything else in our classrooms that tend to have germs.

The Zono cuts down on the amount of viruses and germs spread around Carmel Mountain Preschool. We also allow our preschool parents to sterilize their carpets and other items upon request especially if they have older children in the elementary schools (lice tends to be more prevalent at the elementary age students versus preschool age students). The Zono is so effective that NASA has begun using their technology. Just another reason Carmel Mountain Preschool is innovative and one of the best preschools in San Diego.

You can learn more about Zono Technology at Zono Childcare.

Filtered Water Stations

At Carmel Mountain Preschool we pride ourselves on creating the healthiest environment for our students. We also are looking out for our preschool student’s future by making choices that are best for the environment. All CMP students bring reusable water bottles to preschool and there is a filtered water bottle filter on both floors of our preschool. These water bottle filters are awesome for preschool students because it encourages preschoolers to drink more water so they can “refill” their bottle on the “magic water” machines. It also is providing our preschool students with safer purified water. Please feel free to bring in your own water bottle to fill up at one of our Filtered Water Bottle Stations.

Diffusers in Classrooms

We have read the studies about what a negative impact commercial artificial air fresheners, candles, and room deodorizers have on our health especially the developing lungs and bodies of preschoolers. Because of this we only use Young Living Diffusers in our classrooms with Young Living Essential Oils. We use oils that are safe for preschoolers and all of our staff has been trained on proper dilution. We take the health of our preschool students very seriously and make choices that are best for their little bodies. You can learn more about why we chose to make this change on our Essential Oil Blog.

Dr. Bronner’s All Natural Soap

Did you know that a child’s biggest organ is their skin? It is just as important as what we put on a child’s body as what they put in their body. The majority of preschools use the soap that is the cheapest but at Carmel Mountain Preschool we did lots of research and chose the soap that is safest for our children. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Castille Soap is the only soap that is so natural it is allowed at our National Parks. It’s also the only soap allowed at Carmel Mountain Preschool. Preschoolers wash their hands a lot as it is the number one way to kill germs and stay healthy. We want to make sure that our Carmel Mountain Preschool students are using a soap that cleans their hands and gets rid of germs but does not damage their bodies. It’s an expensive choice but it’s the best choice.

All Natural Cleaners

Our children’s bodies are in their prime years of development and are very sensitive to the toxins in their environment. Some of our preschoolers spend more awake hours at Carmel Mountain Preschool than they do any other place. This is one of the many reasons we have searched out products that are the least toxic to our preschoolers yet still effective enough to get rid of preschool germs. We use Young Living Thieves Cleaning spray in all of our classrooms to kill germs naturally. We use environmentally safe non-toxic laundry detergent, dish detergents, and cleaning supplies throughout our school. Our decision to make these changes is an expensive choice, but the health of your child is worth it. We care very much about our children and the future of their earth!

Solar Panels

Carmel Mountain Preschool is outfitted with solar panels and special environmentally conscious lighting. We do our part for the environment.

HEPA air filtration system with Air Scrubber Plus

Did you know Carmel Mountain Preschool is one of the safest buildings to be in on a high pollution day in San Diego? Carmel Mountain Preschool has a very special HEPA air filtration system with Air Scrubber Plus to naturally reduce germs and smells. This same system is used by NASA and they seem to know what would keep the environment the cleanest. This is one of the reasons we keep all of our windows and doors closed.


Here at Carmel Mountain Preschool we do our best to be environmentally conscious and to reuse, reduce and recycle. We have recycling bins in each classroom and we teach our preschool students about the importance of recycling as much as possible. We hope what the children learn at preschool about the benefits recycling will carry over to home.

Composting and Vermicomposting

We have a large organic garden at Carmel Mountain Preschool and it’s necessary to create nutrient rich compost to fertilize our garden. Each classroom has a composting container and students learn about composting their organic fruits and vegetables to “feed” our garden. We also have a lot of Earthworms at Carmel Mountain Preschool to vemicompost – the students feed the worms and use the vermcompost to fertilize our garden. The preschool students get to learn about the cycle of life with vermcomposting and the importance of composting while making choices that are best for our environment.