Our campus is a little different from most…


Carmel Mountain Preschool is located on three lush acres with three separate playgrounds that are customized for the age group they serve.

Toddler & Two-Year-Old Playground

Our toddler and two-year-old playground has a play structure just the right size for children that are perfecting their running and climbing skills. There is an ample sized blue squishy to cushion their learning bodies. The children love to show their independence as they climb up the stairs and slide down the slide over and over again. There is a large sand area with plenty of sand toys for them to play with while improving their gross motor skills. The children enjoy “driving” the stationary cars and telling their teachers about where they are going and whom they are going to see. There are pots and pans on the fence that they can explore their budding musical genius on with an array of wooden spoons. There is a flat bike path area where they can drive push cars or begin to experience the fun of riding pushbikes. The children have a playhouse where you can often see them playing make believe or simple games of hide and seek. The younger children really enjoy playing the magnetic board with the alphabet on it – they often are showing their teachers what new letters they have learned.

Three-Year-Old Playground

The first things you see when you walk onto our three-year-old playground are the large beautiful trees that have been naturally shading the enormous sandbox since the 1980s. The children love learning to take turns and pump their legs on the swing set. There are a few large bronze turtles that the children are often using as part of their imagination adventures. The play structure is very large and has features that appeal to a 3-year-old’s growing confidence and coordination such as chain ladders and tunnels. There is a large circular bike path that the children love to race around on tricycles – this is many of the children’s favorite activity. There is a larger playhouse that the children enjoy simulating home life in and different car structures that they enjoy “driving”. There are multiple sensory bins on the playground and the contents change throughout the year. A very large part of the playground is the sand area that is filled with different treasures that the children can expand their fine motor skills and learning with.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Prep Playground

The Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Prep Playground is huge and larger than many public parks. There is a large play structure that celebrates the children’s newfound ability to hang on monkey bars and climb poles. There are plenty of slides and stairs for climbing. A large shaded sand box is often filled with children exploring mixing water with sand or different ways to build castles. There is a large swing set and a Lego table. The children love racing around the huge asphalt bike path with a racetrack painted on it and playing hopscotch. The children have the opportunity to ride both tricycles and bicycles. There is a Construction area with changing materials that the children create inventive structures with and often impress our teachers. The contents of the multiple sensory bins on the playground change to keep the children engaged and interested.

Grassy Soccer Field & Lower Outdoor Grassy Area

There is a large grassy soccer field on which children can play games and sports, run, picnic, and celebrate summer with water play.

We have an additional large grassy area near the toddler/two-year-old playground where we hold concerts, science events, and where the younger children have their water play during summer.

The Art Studio

The Studio is nestled up in the corner of The Glenn right next to The Nature Lab. This outdoor educational environment is magical and a very special place for the children at Carmel Mountain Preschool.
The studio space was designed to engage the students and facilitate new learning by exploring and manipulating materials to stimulate imagination, creative problem solving, material manipulation with process-encouraged projects, play, and exploration.

Our studio offers a variety of projects including ongoing installations, sculptures, bookmaking, sewing, collages, drawing, and painting. The children explore a variety of materials ranging from recycled objects, natural found objects, wire, yarn, clay and paint. We encourage original pieces of art and communicate with the children to explore many possibilities. We also encourage discussion and allow the children to explain their work from process to completion.
The natural habitat that surrounds the studio includes a lush garden, trees, plants, and a variety of musical equipment. The children learn to connect to nature and this experience teaches them to respect the present and to observe their surroundings in a new and meaningful way. Children are often inspired by their surroundings and create art based on their experiences and observations. They are encouraged to let the space be their own, to feel safe, comfortable and excited to explore in The Studio as well as in The Glenn.

In The Studio the children are encouraged to explore their artistic brilliance by Artist Julie Goldstein. She is a working artist and designer and has her Masters in Art and Art Education from Columbia University. She has exhibited widely nationally and internationally since 1998 and has been teaching children, teens and adults since 2000. Her passion for the arts coupled with her dedication for art education shows through when she is teaching. She is just as inspired as the children are when they visit her in The Studio!

The Glenn Garden

Our wonderful Glenn is home to both the Art Studio, the Nature Science Lab, and Tinker Hollow which can be seen just as one ascends the stairs into this magical little paradise.

The Glenn is a very special place that was created after the Condricks explored some really cool nature parks that differed from anything they had seen in the United States. These nature parks allowed children to escape the cities and explore the natural outdoors with lots of different hands-on-activities. The Glenn is named after Glenn Fugleberg, who was one of the first employees at Carmel Mountain Preschool and an amazing man. We miss Glenn’s smiling face but are fortunate that his wife, Delores, and daughter, Carol, still work at Carmel Mountain Preschool.

The Glenn has multiple garden beds where the preschoolers get the opportunity to learn about how to grow their own food. The children learn through planned, hands-on activities and observations. The preschool students have composting bins in each of their classrooms and they get to see the process of how the apple core they had left over from lunch can fertilize the tomatoes they are growing. The children also spend time vermicomposting which means using earthworms to create a compost mixture to fertilize our organic vegetables and fruit.

Because the Glenn’s focus is life science, our time spent there includes gardening. We regularly grow various crops in our six raised vegetable beds, and rotate them after they’ve come to harvest. Organic compost is created and used to enrich the soil. We then plant seeds, water, weed, and watch as our seedlings sprout up into the healthy foods that we all love! We also pick many of the fresh fruit and vegetables to use in cooking projects or to share with our Carmel Mountain Preschool teachers and families.

The children often enjoy having the freedom to explore the Glenn on their own, and share their many discoveries with their friends and teachers. Musical instruments are found throughout the Glenn; as are mighty boulders, butterfly gardens, hummingbird stations, and lots of interesting trees and plants. It’s simply irresistible to our little learners, and a highlight of their day!

We are highly fortunate to have successfully followed our vision, and to have created such a beautiful, nature-based learning environment. We love The Glenn, and so do our kids!

The Nature Science Lab

The Nature Science Lab serves as a home base for conducting life science activities. The children learn through planned, hands-on activities and observations. While much of what we do in the Nature Science Lab is thoughtfully planned, we find that there are often many opportunities for exciting on-the-spot learning. These teachable moments are key in creating a lifelong curiosity and love for learning. Even if composting was on the agenda, we might find ourselves instead studying a living creature that has suddenly turned up in the Glenn. The serendipitous discovery of a group of caterpillars can lead us to new observations, and we’ll eagerly begin collecting, caring for, and studying the life cycles of our newfound caterpillar friends!

We spend time in the Nature Science Lab studying and caring for our creature friends including our collection of animals. In the Lab, one will find captive bugs, amphibians, and reptiles. The children assist with feeding our animal friends, and also clean and maintain their habitats. Our favorite science and nature books are often read to the children as a supplemental form of learning, combining science and literacy in the best way imaginable. We can’t imagine a more exciting way to naturally enhance our classroom curriculum!

The Nature Science Lab and its activities are under the care of Mrs. Erin, our Glenn Curator and Creature Specialist. Aside from a love for nature and wildlife, she also has a strong background in education – she came from the San Diego Zoo. She is no stranger to making the most out of every teachable moment. We’re pleased to know that The Glenn and Nature Science Lab are being utilized to their fullest potential!

The Nature Science Lab is a wonderful addition to our beloved Glenn, and a favorite learning place for our children. Please stop by and check it out for yourself.

Organic Food

Carmel Mountain Preschool prides itself on serving organic food for both the morning and afternoon snack. We serve organic fruits or organic vegetables with every snack so our children are getting the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow. We have an on-site cook that strives to create healthy and nutritious snacks that appeal to our young customers and encourage them to try new things. We post a weekly snack schedule and are very vigilant about children’s allergies and respecting parents’ choices as to what is served to their children. Please check out our organic snack menu at http://carmelmountainpreschool.com/resources/organic-snack-menus/

Environmentally Conscious

Here at Carmel Mountain Preschool we do our best to be environmentally conscious and to reuse, reduce and recycle. We have solar panels and our entire school is outfitted with a special HEPA air filtration system with Air Scrubber Plus to naturally reduce germs and smells. We recycle and compost in all of our classrooms and use the compost to feed our earthworms and to fertilize our Glenn. We have replaced all of our soap in the school with Dr. Bronner’s Organic Natural Castile Soap, which is the only soap that is so natural it is allowed at our national parks. We use Young Living Thieves Cleaning spray in all of our classrooms to kill germs naturally. We use environmentally safe non-toxic laundry detergent, dish detergents, and cleaning supplies throughout our school. We use Young Living essential oils in our classrooms, you can learn more at http://carmelmountainpreschool.com/what-is-the-buzz-about-essential-oils/. Our decision to make these changes is an expensive choice, but the health of your child is worth it. We care very much about our children and the future of their earth!

We love our facility. We think you will too.

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