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Building With Cardboard

This week up in The Studio we used cardboard to create a sculpture that resembled a place, a space and also a “huge” dinosaur!

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Interview with Tonya Torosian of Promises to Kids Toy Drive

By Arianne Bettazzi My parents, Dan & Pauline Condrick, have been involved in the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation (now called Promises to Kids) benefitting foster children since before I was born.  Both of my parents have served on the board and all three of us have been involved in numerous fundraisers throughout the years.  We […]

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Meet Ms. Erin our new Glenn Coordinator

Hi all! Introduction time! My name is Erin and I’m the new Glenn curator and science teacher. I’m so excited for this opportunity to teach at Carmel Mountain Preschool. I haven’t been here very long, but I know it is such a special place and I feel so lucky to be involved. I have a […]

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The Friendship Quilt

This project all started with a book that we read up in The Studio called “The Friendship Quilt”.  A story about a mouse that is very sad and her friends sew her a quilt to help make her feel happy.  The children talked about friendship and how to make friends feel happy, loved and comforted. […]

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18 Helpful Hints for Back-To-School Success

I attended Carmel Mountain Preschool. I’ve worked at CMP since 2007, and I know the teachers are amazing. The first day of school is still hard.  Leaving my baby boy, Finn, at school for the first time brought tears to my eyes…even though I was across the office from him.  For the last eight years, […]

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The Importance of Music Education for Young Children

“LISTEN, LEARN & PLAY” These are the three components of the My Music Workshop at CMP. This extracurricular activity is designed specifically for preschool students and gives the students firsthand experience with musical instruments. We sat down with My Music Workshop founder Miss Lianna and she shared with us what inspired her to get into […]

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The Benefits of Yoga for Kids at Carmel Mountain Preschool

Here at CMP we’ve worked closely with master yoga professional, Claire Cafri, to develop and implement a special yoga program for our students. She is a master yogi and certified to teach both children and adults. Claire is originally from South Africa and is a full-time dance teacher. She has always had a love for Yoga […]

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“Cool Tools” — Creating Art with Hardware

I was organizing my studio last week and came across my husband’s old toolbox. I started tinkering around, looking for interesting objects that could make different shapes and textures when printed. I found all kinds of interesting hardware and immediately thought that the kids at CMP could use these objects to create shapes and textures […]

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What is the All The Buzz About Essential Oils?

Here at Carmel Mountain Preschool we strive to be environmentally conscious. We have made a lot of changes this past year and are excited to share our reasons for using essential oils in most of our classrooms. We use Young Living Thieves Essential Oil Household Cleaner in all of our classrooms to help kill germs […]

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