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Interview with Gigi Schweikert

I first encountered Gigi Schweikert at a childcare conference. She is hilarious and is super easy to relate to as an educator and a mother. She is very down to earth and has the ability to give parenting advice and advice to teachers in a way that is easy to understand and implement. We are […]

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Interview with Norm – The Rhythm Child Drum Circle

Interview with Norm How did you get started in drumming with Children? I’ve been a professional musician for thirty years. Drumming and percussion were my main instruments. When I had my first child back in 2000 I was trying to relate to him with something I knew. As a first time parent I didn’t know […]

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18 Helpful Hints for Back-To-School Success

I attended Carmel Mountain Preschool. I’ve worked at CMP since 2007, and I know the teachers are amazing. The first day of school is still hard.  Leaving my baby boy, Finn, at school for the first time brought tears to my eyes…even though I was across the office from him.  For the last eight years, […]

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Recipe: The Easiest Potato Leek Soup

I love making this soup because if I have a little more or less of the ingredients it still turns out amazing. Even if I leave the soup ingredients cooking on the stove longer or shorter because I have to run out of the kitchen to change a diaper or handle some other mom distraction, […]

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Delicious Nut Free Granola Bar Recipe

Here at CMP, we create our own recipes and homemade, organic snacks. This week the kids enjoyed our Nut Free Granola Bars. This recipe is easy to make and is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and organic. Your kids will love it! Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 35 minutes Total Time: 45 minutes Ingredients 2 […]

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What is the All The Buzz About Essential Oils?

Here at Carmel Mountain Preschool we strive to be environmentally conscious. We have made a lot of changes this past year and are excited to share our reasons for using essential oils in most of our classrooms. We use Young Living Thieves Essential Oil Household Cleaner in all of our classrooms to help kill germs […]

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A Nostalgic Favorite Snack Made Healthier: Try This Homemade Cheese Square Cracker Recipe

Everyone LOVES (and remembers) Cheez-It® crackers…why not make an organic homemade version? I will never forget the long road trips with my parents and siblings as a child. We would drive from New Jersey to Florida and about 30 minutes into the drive, we all ask, “Mom, how much longer?” That is when my mom would pull […]

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Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy During the Cold Winter Months

Keeping your family healthy during the winter season can be a challenge. Fighting the assault of bacteria, viruses, and bodily mishaps requires planning and strategy. Add preparing and celebrating for the holidays and your to-do list has quadrupled. The following tips cover basic steps necessary for healthy holidays and a happy new year. Layer Clothing […]

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Social Media Mom vs. Reality

At Carmel Mountain Preschool our staff is comprised of parents who are all too familiar with the ups and downs of raising a family. Whether they’re new parents or have had their second or third child, they can relate to the challenges that many of us face. Being a parent is such a wonderful gift but let’s […]

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Creative At-Home Sensory Play for Your Little One

Being a parent in this technological age can be challenging. The temptation to pop your little one in front of the television or hand them an iPad to use for an hour is strong. But the benefits of spending time creating together far outweigh the ease of simply distracting them with technology. And the wonder, […]

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