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Nature Findings and Pastel Drawings

By: Julie Goldstein This week up in The Studio our CMP artists had fun collecting small natural found objects in The Glenn. Then they created a design with them by placing onto a small mirror. After observing each object and describing the shapes and textures, they created a drawing. Finally, they used pastels to blend […]

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Birding Blog

Recently in the Nature Lab we’ve been talking about birds and how they provide us with beautiful songs and are beautiful to observe. Many birds help with controlling pest populations as well as pollinating and spreading seeds. We love birds! So these past weeks we’ve learned about some local birds that we often see in […]

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Animal Body Language

Recently in the Nature Lab we’ve been discussing body language, with a particular focus on animal body language. We not only have several animals up in the Nature Lab (both domestic and wild) but kids and animals are like magnets so it’s important for children to be aware of animal posturing and vocalizations and what […]

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Creating Nature Journals

By: Julie Goldstein This week up in The Studio, our Kinder-prep kids learned how to make a journal out of one sheet of paper. The journals are so small they can hold in the palm of their hand while drawing. We really enjoy going on nature hikes and get very inspired by all of the […]

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The Art of Observing Chickens

As I’m sure you now know, we have some new feathered friends here at CMP. Our chickens have taken up their permanent residence in their coop on the east side of the “soccer field” above The Glenn. We have a total of 14 chickens and they sure are growing fast! We won’t have 14 for […]

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The Benefits of doing Family Yoga with your Preschooler

At Carmel Mountain Preschool we are lucky to have our very own expert preschool yoga instructor, Ms. Claire Cafri.  Ms. Claire offers weekly yoga to Carmel Mountain Preschool students – for more information see our Extra Curricular page.  We interviewed Ms. Claire to find out why she encourages families to do yoga together. What are […]

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Spring has Sprung

By: Erin Tessier The signs of spring have been present for a while now in San Diego and in our Glenn, but we were so excited to celebrate the official start of Spring on March 20th. We had fun going on a scavenger hunt looking for all that spring brings. The kids felt very official […]

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Nature Love

By: Erin Tessier Since it was Valentine’s Day, the past weeks in the Glenn have been all about love. We talked about loving our families, our friends, our pets, and also…nature! I asked the children if they loved being outside, if they loved sunshine, flowers, birds, trees…the list goes on. They of course said they […]

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Let’s Go Camping!

By: Erin Tessier We’ve had a blast camping here in the Glenn! We hiked through nature with our binoculars, finding different animals, their tracks and scat (that’s poop to the layperson, or as many of my fellow campers referred to it… “poo poo”). We then found sticks to help us roast our food over the […]

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Nature Habitats in Clay

By: Julie Goldstein This week up in The Studio, we sculpted with clay and learned all about objects in nature and their habitats. The children went out into The Glenn and found leaves, sticks, small rocks, bark, and flowers. We talked about how leaves come from trees,  and rocks and clay come from the earth. […]

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