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Interview with Enrique “Hank” Feldman

Introduction At Carmel Mountain Preschool one of our core values is that, “We strive for excellence.” We feel that part of striving for excellence includes continuous learning and growing. Whenever we come across an individual that we feel can impart wisdom to our staff and parents we try and make sure we can get them […]

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Birding Blog

Recently in the Nature Lab we’ve been talking about birds and how they provide us with beautiful songs and are beautiful to observe. Many birds help with controlling pest populations as well as pollinating and spreading seeds. We love birds! So these past weeks we’ve learned about some local birds that we often see in […]

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Wire, Cork and Paper Sculptures

By: Julie Goldstein This week we tinkered around with recycled corks, oil pastels, paint, and wire. The kids were excited to click on their “listening ears” and follow three steps in three different locations in The Studio. First, they painted a cork with white paint. Then they moved over to the drawing station where they […]

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Animal Body Language

Recently in the Nature Lab we’ve been discussing body language, with a particular focus on animal body language. We not only have several animals up in the Nature Lab (both domestic and wild) but kids and animals are like magnets so it’s important for children to be aware of animal posturing and vocalizations and what […]

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Rose Paintings

By: Julie Goldstein This week up in The Studio we were inspired by our beautiful rose garden. The kids had fun drawing the roses, observing the different shapes of the petals, leaves and stems. Then, they used red, white and bright pink to paint the flowers. While they were painting, some students used the back […]

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Environmental Education in Early Childhood Education: Why it’s So Important

You’ve probably heard us here at CMP talking about the importance of Environmental Education (EE) in early childhood education, and we’ve touched on it a couple times in our blog as well, but we wanted to show you that it’s certainly not just us that feel it is important. In this blog, I want to […]

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Printmaking with Recycled Cardboard

By: Julie Goldstein I am a professional printmaker, so whenever I get a chance to teach the kids how to print and make editions, I get really excited to see what they create and always so inspired by their ability to have fun with such an amazing process. This week up in The Studio, we […]

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The Benefits of doing Family Yoga with your Preschooler

At Carmel Mountain Preschool we are lucky to have our very own expert preschool yoga instructor, Ms. Claire Cafri.  Ms. Claire offers weekly yoga to Carmel Mountain Preschool students – for more information see our Extra Curricular page.  We interviewed Ms. Claire to find out why she encourages families to do yoga together. What are […]

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Interview with Abbi Kruse of Conscious Discipline

Abbi Kruse is from Madison, Wisconsin, where she serves as the executive director of an early education program, she founded. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother and enjoys providing support and education to help parents in their important and challenging role of raising children. What is Conscious Discipline? Conscious Discipline was created by Dr. […]

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Interview with Norm – The Rhythm Child Drum Circle

Interview with Norm How did you get started in drumming with Children? I’ve been a professional musician for thirty years. Drumming and percussion were my main instruments. When I had my first child back in 2000 I was trying to relate to him with something I knew. As a first time parent I didn’t know […]

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