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Discovering Nature

By Julie Goldstein This week up in The Studio our CMP artists inspired by the book “Leaf Man”. It is whimsical story about a leaf that explores different landscapes as he floats North, South, East and West. I told the story as if Leaf Man was traveling through The Glenn. The children then went on […]

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Recycling At CMP: Part Two

By Erin Tessier Missed Part One? Read it Here. After we took a look at our school’s overall recycling accuracy and took steps to improve it, it was time to bring that info to the kids. We have been talking all about recycling up in the Glenn the past couple of weeks. It can be […]

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Tie-Dying Smocks

By: Julie Goldstein For the past two weeks we have been tie-dying smocks up in The Studio. I thought it would be a fun idea for each child to make its very own “messy art” shirt. Every time they travel up to see me they will wear their colorful tie-dyed tee to protect their clothing […]

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Fresh Organic Eggs

By: Erin Tessier It’s time! The chickens have started laying eggs, and we are so excited. They are ahead of the game since usually chickens start laying around 5-7 months, but our chickens started laying eggs at 4 months. Lucky us =). We now have 6 hens. We had a lot of roosters to rehome […]

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Improving Our Recycling at Carmel Mountain Preschool: Part 1

By: Erin Tessier Recently I took a look at our current recycling practices here at CMP as part of a grad school project. We do a wonderful job as a school in recycling and reducing our waste by having a knowledgeable staff, lots of recycling receptacles, and by composting (nature’s way of recycling). But of […]

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Printmaking with Recycled Cardboard

By: Julie Goldstein I am a professional printmaker, so whenever I get a chance to teach the kids how to print and make editions, I get really excited to see what they create and always so inspired by their ability to have fun with such an amazing process. This week up in The Studio, we […]

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The Benefits of doing Family Yoga with your Preschooler

At Carmel Mountain Preschool we are lucky to have our very own expert preschool yoga instructor, Ms. Claire Cafri.  Ms. Claire offers weekly yoga to Carmel Mountain Preschool students – for more information see our Extra Curricular page.  We interviewed Ms. Claire to find out why she encourages families to do yoga together. What are […]

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Interview with Norm – The Rhythm Child Drum Circle

Interview with Norm How did you get started in drumming with Children? I’ve been a professional musician for thirty years. Drumming and percussion were my main instruments. When I had my first child back in 2000 I was trying to relate to him with something I knew. As a first time parent I didn’t know […]

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Dancing Popcorn Science Experiment

In this activity you will need: Tall jar or glass Popping corn Baking soda Vinegar Water Spoon DIRECTIONS: 1. Add 2 Cups of water to the jar 2. Take 2 Tablespoons of baking soda 3. Stir until it dissolves 4. Add corn 5. Add vinegar slowly (Dixie cup size) 6. Then watch it dance!!

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Farm Painting

Materials: White construction paper Green, yellow, brown, blue, and white paint Paint brushes This is a great activity to explore landscapes with children. After discussing the type of landscape you might see in the country or on a farm we painted these pictures. First, we folded the paper into 4 sections. I drew a light […]

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