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At Carmel Mountain Preschool one of our highest priorities is ensuring that our teachers and staff are exceptional. We interview each teacher as if they will be teaching our own children and, in some cases, they will be. We go beyond the basic state requirements and look for individuals who embody and support our mission. We look for staff that are loving, caring, dynamic and have a commitment to our children at Carmel Mountain Preschool. Because our school has a long-standing excellent reputation within the childcare industry we are able to attract an equally high-quality professional staff that are dedicated to making a difference in each child’s world.

Our teachers recognize the importance of ongoing communication with parents. They have classroom iPads and email with parents when in-person meetings aren’t possible. We have teachers who have been with us for over 30 years, which is a testament to the consistent, high-quality, caring atmosphere at Carmel Mountain Preschool. We support our teachers with in-service training throughout the year and a Resource Specialist, Teacher Training Specialist, and Curriculum Specialist to enhance and expand their classroom knowledge. All of our teachers are CPR and First Aid Certified and have a minimum of 12 units in Child Development, but more than half of our staff have Masters or Bachelor’s Degrees.

  • Dan & Pauline Condrick

  • Arianne Condrick Bettazzi

  • Donna Taconi

    Preschool Director
  • Carol Fugelberg

    Preschool Resource Manager
  • Jane Crafts

    Preschool Assistant Director
  • Gina Orr

    Preschool Enrollment Specialist
  • Julie Goldstein

    Master Artist & Art Studio Teacher
  • Erin Tessier

    Glenn Curator & Science Lab Teacher
  • Brian Hodge

    Tinkering Hollow Building Teacher
  • Yukie Nishioka

    Toddler Preschool Teacher
  • Katelyn Whitman

    Toddler Preschool Teacher
  • Claudia Romero

    Toddler Preschool Teacher & Spanish Teacher
  • Marcy Anderson

    Toddler Preschool Teacher
  • Julia Perkins

    Toddler Preschool Teacher
  • Heather Schiltz

    Toddler Preschool Teacher
  • Maddi Beck

    Two-Year-Old Preschool Teacher
  • Samantha Michels

    Two-Year-Old Preschool Teacher
  • Margaret Reyes

    Two-Year-Old Preschool Teacher
  • Annie Shalita

    Two-Year-Old Preschool Teacher & Social Media Specialist
  • Liz Chambers

    Two-Year-Old Preschool Teacher
  • Mallory Crouse

    Three-Year-Old Preschool Teacher
  • Heather Rometty

    Three-Year-Old Preschool Teacher
  • Kara Lewis

    Three-Year-Old Preschool Teacher
  • Lisa Hall

    Three-Year-Old Preschool Teacher
  • Jessica Acosta

    Three-Year-Old Preschool Teacher
  • Melissa Hamand

    Three-Year-Old Preschool Teacher
  • Tiki Beech

    Three-Year-Old Preschool Teacher
  • Andrea Benitez

    Three-Year-Old Preschool Teacher
  • Jacque Willoughby

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
  • Nancy Kern

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
  • Amanda Herbert

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher & Social Media Specialist
  • Michele Sheffler

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator
  • Chrystal Ponce

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
  • Triana Lopez

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
  • Calee Black

    Kindergarten-Prep Teacher & Social Media Specialist
  • Kristina Garcia

    Kindergarten-Prep Teacher
  • Karen Hagey

    Preschool Support Staff
  • Kathy Carlile

    Preschool Support Staff
  • Kelly Knowles

    Preschool Support Staff
  • Serena Duardo

    Preschool Support Staff
  • Delores Fugelberg

    Preschool Custodian
  • Annie Emery

    Organic Preschool Cook

We are always looking to hire qualified staff!

Carmel Mountain Preschool prides itself on having the highest quality staff. If you are interested in becoming a part of Carmel Mountain Preschool's legacy of excellence please click here.

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